Jewels for the Bride

So what should the bride-to-be wear on her wedding day? This is one question that pesters all brides weeks before the big day, sometimes distracting them at work, often stealing their sleep, and many a times sending them into fits of anxiety. Dresses and shoes may just take you a couple of tryouts and one another trip to the store, but deciding on the jewelry is much intricate work. It takes days of research, years of saving and moments of careful consideration. If you have already flipped through the piles of magazines and browsed through tons of websites, but to no effect, then give this article a last shot.

Jewelry are but finishing touches to your attires. So, once you have brought home the gown and shoes, take a deep sigh of relief for what’s next is hardly as complicated as it appears at first.


What Do You Need?
Take a long look at your bridal gown and decide what kind of accessories you need with it. Two things that are imperative to bridal dressing, a necklace and earrings. There are other optional pieces too like headbands, vine clips, hair bombs, bracelets and whatnot. But, without getting distracted, let’s start with the essentials. If your dress has a liberal neckline, then a neckpiece might be necessary. If not, you might as well skip that and instead focus on the earrings. If you are not a bracelet person, go for an ornamental watch. Alternately, if you like bracelets, then pick a modest one for one of your hands.


Do Not Underestimate the Effect of Minimalism
In bridal dressing, less is better. Don’t take a veil if you don’t need it. Skip a tiara if your hairdo makes up for it. A sash may sound like a terrific idea, but may not come together too well with a plain gown. So, base your choices on your gown and the makeup you will wear to the altar that day. The last thing you want to do is overdo it.


The Metals Should Match
Another crucial thing about bridal jewelry is the metal. You may pick something that is extremely beautiful and even looks great on you, but that’s not all. You have to find something that goes equally well with your gown. Match the colors and the metals wisely. The metals should complement, not disappear or scream out from the foreground.

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