A Jewelry Trend That You Should Get Acquainted to

Wondering what the biggest jewelry trend of the season was? It’s the gorgeous gold necklaces that are seen on everybody these days. The perfect go-to accessory for all days, sleek gold chains have gone up in fashion this year. Particularly in summer, these chains are the kind of wearables that keep the ladies looking fancy without having to put much effort to look that way. Simple and skinny, these chains come in a variety of designs, and more often than not, they are tagged to a pretty petite pendant.

A trend that is taking over this season, these necklaces are light and catchy, and are good to go with pretty much everything, from deep-cut summer dresses to crew-neck T-shirts and boyfriend jeans. A great way to elevate your look in a basic tee and loose-fit jeans, these neckpieces work for anybody. From teenagers to ladies closing 60s, the necklaces are liked universally, regardless of their styles. They are easy additions to any outfit and are mostly left-on pieces that can be conveniently kept on all day long and even at night.

The chains are particularly dainty and that makes them perfect for layering. If you want to jazz up your look a bit, then pick a handful of chains of different sizes and layer them up to create a lovely ensemble. Layering is a perfect summer style that works best with spaghetti dresses and beach frocks. If you like to wear them together, then layer them up with or without the pendants. However, if you want to wear them single, then pick a chain that is not too skinny and pair it with a pendant of your choice.

A gem pendant is not a must but there are so many spectacular styles to pick from that it is only obvious that you’d want to add one on. There is a third way to flaunt these necklaces, which is wearing them just as is. Do not layer them or tag them with a pendant. Just wear one around your neck and you are good to go. In that case however, you’d want to select a flat chain that is very short and sits neatly around the neck shinning like a coil of gold. Go just like that or pair it with a sparkling set of studs.

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