Jewelry You Want to Treat Yourself With

Trust us when we say you need to spoil yourself at times. When the whole world is caught up in its own business, it is us who need to surprise ourselves with something nice and complimentary, and what can be more complimentary than a pretty piece of jewelry? So, let’s take you over a list of jewelry that could be your treat-me chic. They could also go into your wish list and someday end up in your box. So, here are the pieces that make the best material rewards that you can offer yourself to appreciate the effort you put in everybody.

Jewelry You Want to Treat Yourself With

Doorknocker Hoops
No matter how fashionable a circle of girlfriends you keep, not many of them will have this unique and charming set of earrings. Doorknocker hoops are a masterpiece in that they are chic, stylish and perfectly simple. Petite, but grand, this pair of earrings is sure to win your heart at once. If you can get your hands on two-toned doorknocker hoops, even better. Gold and silver work best together for this.

White Diamond Pendant
A rather simple, but ingenious piece of jewelry that fits in any collection is a white diamond pendant. Pair it with a flat chain or the skinniest one in your box, a diamond pendant will rock irrespective. Designed to go with anything from tees to elegant blouses, this pendant is a perfect wear-on jewelry, and women of any age can carry it off with perfect grace.

Mixed Stacking Rings
If you like stacked rings and have always wanted to have some, now is a good time to grab a set. The market is full of these rings and the selection has never been richer or better. Mixed stack ring sets include gemmed and band-style rings that can be worn together and independently. For variety, arrange them in a new order every time to change the look. Some stacking ring sets have mixed metal rings which make the combinations all the more interesting. Pick whichever you like and the rest depends on your creativity. One thing that is for certain is that you will wear it time and time again.

Scattered Gems Ring
A scattered gems ring is a perfect item to gift yourself on a special occasion or just to feel appreciated on a normal day when things tend to go generally awry. Scattered gem rings are available in a large number of interesting designs.

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