Jewelry Tips to Dress Up for Weekend Parties

There is always a party happening somewhere every few days, and if you are a social butterfly, you are constantly in the list of guests. While parties on special days and weekends are fun, dressing up for them is not always so. For one, there is always the pressure of maintaining a standard, and for another, the need to keep the collection growing so you don’t have to turn in more than one party wearing the same fineries. So clearly, the LBD, the blazer, and the black pumps is not enough. Your wardrobe should have some stunning jewelry too to jazz up the outfits.

Here is how you must build up your collection for these frequent weekend shindigs.

Jewelry Tips to Dress Up for Weekend Parties

Don’t Skip the Classic Pieces
No matter how large your collection is of smart jewelry, you can never really skip the classic jewelry. You may not have many of them, but a set or two is just good. Classic jewelry are go-to accessories when you don’t have anything else that goes with a certain outfit. They never look overwhelming, and are certainly not underwhelming for any condition. They are classy at all times and go with pretty much everything from a racy black dress to a flowing golden gown. So, they are your safe bet.

At Least a Couple of Statement Jewelry
Statement pieces must be a part of every jewelry collection. They can lift up the looks of a boring formal wear almost instantly. As for party clothing, they lift up the spirit and style both, in equal measures. So, if you are hoping to stand out from the crowd, have one of these pieces to wear to the next party. You will turn more heads just by walking by, than bringing your best to the dance floor.

Jewelry Tips to Dress Up for Weekend Parties

For the Sake of Simplicity
Simplicity does go a long way in fashion, but that understanding is not common to all. So, once again, for the beauty of it, keep it simple. Put on your best dress, but pair it with a pair of plain pearl earrings or a sleek necklace. It looks a lot classier than wearing layered necklaces and clunky armlets.

Practice More Mixing and Matching
Mixing and matching is indeed an art, and you get better at it with time, even if you just don’t hit it right off the bat. So, keep working on it.

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