Jewelry That You’ll Wear Over and Over

Our prize possessions almost always include jewelry, but the best pieces are not always the priciest or the gaudiest. A dainty ring, a skinny chain or even a simple pair of studs often find a way to become a favorite. In fact, the most delicate of jewelry pieces are the ones that we wear over and over, and that explains why our favorite picks are most certainly the light and skinny ones that never go out of fashion. Whether or not there is a story behind it, but here are some jewelry items that most of you will agree that can be worn over many years without wanting a replacement.

Jewelry That You’ll Wear Over and Over

Huggie Earrings
Huggies are indispensable pieces of jewelry that every woman must own at some point in life. They are catchy, comfortable and definitely classy. Easy to wear and take off, huggies have made accessorizing easy for generations of people. To top that, they come in a virtually endless variety of designs. Gemmed, engraved, plain, accented, just name it, and there is a bunch of each kind.

Stacking Rings
Stacking rings have been popular among teenagers and women in their thirties. Anybody who has a thing for stacking rings have owned them at some point or other. That makes stacking rings one of those jewelry items that you will wear for many years.

Simple Solitaire Ring
There is hardly anything that is as versatile as a simple solitaire ring. Every woman should own a simple solitaire ring, preferably diamond. It’s an asset that you will never have to do away with. Simple diamond solitaire rings will always be in fashion.

Twisted Gold Bracelet
Another item that if you have, you will wear for a long long time is a twisted gold bracelet. Emerged in early 2000, these bracelets have survived years of changes to be deemed as one of the most versatile pieces of accessories in modern time.

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