Jewelry that looks great with jeans and sneakers

So you are a jewelry person who can’t imagine getting out of their comfort clothing for the sake of fashion? Well, you are in the right era, to say the least. Today’s fashion is nothing, if not about comfort. There’s jewelry for every taste, every style and they are all fashionable at the same time. So, looking for the right pieces for someone like you who has a generally casual taste in fashion isn’t really a wild goose chase. So, stay put as I reveal the jewelry that you can pick to compliment your jeans and sneakers best. So, without further ado, lets proceed in that direction.

Solitaire Studs
Who says diamonds are only for the fashionistas? Everybody can carry off diamonds and that’s the best thing about these sparkling beauties. So to start off, solitaire studs are your earrings if jeans and tees are your staple. They go great with sweat shirts, shorts, hoodies, graphic tees and pretty much anything under the sun that you can wear with a pair of cool sneakers. The reason for their universal compatibility is that they are both gorgeous and cool at the same time. A set of solitaire stud adapts itself spectacularly to its surrounding playing up and down the elements to the benefits of the wearers.

Colored Solitaire Rings
If you are someone like me who just can’t seem to get enough rings, then here is another excuse why you should get more of these versatile jewelry items even in your comfy dressing style. Solitaire rings with an oversized gem at the core is high up in the fashion scale. To your benefit, they are not very ornamental, but have the right kind of delicateness that you expect your jewelry to lend. Don’t overdo though, turned on by their simplicity. A colored gem solitaire ring on the index or middle finger is a great way to accessorize an ensemble comprising a boyfriend jacket, a cool tee and a frayed ankle-length pair of jeans.

Petite Pendants
Casual clothing offers plenty of opportunities for necklaces and pendants. If you are the kind of person who believes that your style is not complete unless you wear something delicate around your neck, then you’re in luck. The market is swarming with skinny pendants and necklaces that have a modern streak in their designs and are incredibly light and comfortable. Look in the daily wearables sections to find some great looking pendants.

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