Jewelry Storage Secrets

Storage of jewelry is an often debated subject, and owing to the diversity of experiences and opinions, the matter seems to get complicated further. Questions arise from one another and they all seem to go around in an answerless circle. Do I separate my silvers from gold? Where do I keep my diamonds? Should I let my necklaces be in their store boxes? Can I throw in all my diamonds studs together for the sake of easy finding? Is storing my silver in a dark place good for the shine? Is humidity bad for gold? This article here attempts to answer some of these questions and we hope that, storing your jewelry, from this point forth, becomes a little easier than before with these storage secrets.

Always Choose a Cool, Dry Place

To straighten all the confusions about the ideal storage environment for jewelry, a cool and dry place is always the best. That answers a lot of the questions mentioned above. Yes, humidity is detrimental for all kinds of metals. By dark, if you mean cool, then yes, a dark dry place makes a comfortable nook for your jewelry. Two things that you must avoid exposing your jewelry to when you are not wearing them, is direct light, natural or artificial and humidity. Closet drawers, organizers and boxes are fine to throw them in.


Separate Them Out

Yes, it is critical that you keep your jewelry separated from one another. This is where an organizer comes in. These organizers come with multiple pockets to distribute the jewelry out. This reduces the chances of scratch and damage. Soft pouches work great too. Another great way to separate out your baubles is to use a lined box that has multiple compartments. It’s a great way to keep your jewelry organized and well preserved.


A Jewelry Dish for the Rings and Earrings

Many women use jewelry dishes because they are great to store the everyday earrings and rings in. We recommend those that separate the rings from the earrings. These dishes are adorable to look at and are an easy tentative storage for everyday wears when you are removing your makeup or stepping into the shower.

Packing Your Jewelry When Travelling

There are more than just one ingenuous way in which jewelry can be pouched when travelling. One way of doing the necklaces is to rig them straight with a drinking straw and clasping them close before putting them in the pouch inside your zip-top sack.

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