Jewelry Rules for Men

In men’s world, fashion is as much an expression of stylistic liberation as in women’s. So, there is no basic book of rules that binds men together in the practice of fashion. But, one can have a fashion Bible if one wishes to experience the full power of fashion. Men’s jewelry in particular is a little trippy ride down the knackered rail. If you are not careful enough to maintain the balance, your cart will go off rail. Fashion jewelry send out all sorts of signals, and when worn right, works as the greatest enhancer of style and pull for appreciation. So, here are some rules that, though not set in stone, can get you started in the right direction.



Keep It Simple
You may have heard this before but there is a reason why it keeps appearing at the top of every fashion tip list. There is a charm in simplicity that cannot be achieved through unnecessary aggrandizement. So, consider keeping it simple, instead of putting on too many things at a time. A classic silver watch is just as beautiful if you pair it with the right leather strap.  Try a sporty diving watch, and for a difference hook it up with a stainless steel band. Wear only the pieces you are comfortable with than the pieces that are in. Start with the pieces that are already accepted in the contemporary setting and move your way up to more unconventional wares.

Gold Knot Cufflinks
Gold Knot Cufflinks


Metals and Colors
The beauty of jewelry is in the sterling and warm metal tones. There is one rule that applies to jewelry in fashion is the comingling of metal tones with outfits. Your outfit should sport only one shade at a time. Yellow gold bears a warm shade, and therefore, it’s the best match with earthy tones like brown and gray. However, the color looks cool with shades like hunter green and royal blue too. Silver tones on the other hands is great to go with black and gray outfits. The contrast and clash creates a crisp effect.

Striped Enamel Cufflinks
Striped Enamel Cufflinks


Jewelry Are But Symbolic
Believe it or not, every jewelry bears a certain symbol. But, without overcomplicating things, there are some ways in which you can leverage from it. Keep away from ostentatious styles and wear jewelry that have meaningful designs. Also, know the best times to wear each of your jewelry.

Men's Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band
Men’s Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band

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