Jewelry Pieces That Are Ideal Symbols of Love

The heart is the universal symbol of love. It’s a clear message that requires no introduction, nor explanation. But a heart is also clichéd when it comes to expressing your love for something with a jewelry gift. If you want to step away from using a hackneyed symbol of love, there are other options too, that, although not as old as the heart, are impeccable in their expressions and perfect to profess your innermost feeling for a romantic partner. Let’s take a look at jewelry items you can pick to say “I love you”, with sincerity and style.

Jewelry Pieces That Are Ideal Symbols of Love

Love Knots
A love knot in jewelry can signify more than just love. This coiling, twisting design is a symbol of never-ending love, of enduring friendship and a scared bond that has no beginning or end. That’s why love knot jewelry are designed without giving away the start and end of the coil. They are pretty without a doubt, demure, expressive and timeless. A love knot pendant or bracelet is a perfect gift to accompany the first profession of love to the woman of your dreams. It is truly classic, and universally loved.

Hearts with a Twist
You cannot say “I love you” without respecting the heart. But, these heart jewelry pieces are much different than the ones you have grown up seeing. The hearts in modern jewelry are easy to like and are far from the tacky ones we saw in the decade before. Petite heart bracelets are one of the most popular picks among lovers. They are curved out of metals, beveled around the edge and flat on the surface. So, if you are tired of the puffed up heart pendants, this is a great way to go another direction without avoiding the heart altogether. Heart bars are great too. They are your regular bar pendants with a heart shaped hollow in them.

The Symbol of Infinity
After heart, another symbol of love which is immensely popular in the engagement and wedding section is infinity. If you haven’t seen the infinity symbol before, it is the numeral 8, horizontal than erect. Infinity pendants, bracelets, earrings and even rings are available in stores nowadays. They stand for the perfect symbol of love which has no beginning, nor end. It is emblematic of the love that lasts forever, but alters never.
All of these pieces are petite and dainty and therefore, inexpensive.

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