The Jewelry Mix and Match Handbook

Every time you dress up for a party, you do your hair, slap on some concealer, dab on some contour makeup, spritz some perfume, strap on high heels and everything to look your best. But, did you know that your jewelry play a role too in making you look how you look for a certain occasion? Yes, they do, and therefore, the choice of jewelry is extremely important. But, you may have heard that already. What’s new is that how you mix and match your jewelry improve or give away all your efforts. But thankfully, little tricks can do wonders in the whole mix and match game.
Let’s take a look at a few of these save-the-day crafty tips that can help you look even better.


Layer It Up

Layering is a groundbreaking idea that changed the way women wore jewelry before. Layering is the best way possible to add some mass and volume to flimsy jewelry. So, if you have one skinny necklace, layer it up with some more of them to ensure a better effect.


Find the Centerpiece of Your Jewels

It is important to know where the focal point of your piece is. Sometimes necklaces without pendants have a point of focus too. Once you learn it, you can wear it to make sure that all attention is gravitated to that point. For instance, wearing a chunky opal or hoops can both be very effective in drawing the attention to a certain point. How you choose to do it depends entirely on what your centerpiece is.


Stacking Is the New Cool

If you have skinny rings, stack one with another. If you have slender bangles, don’t edge from stacking them together in one arm. Stacking is a new fashion that is turning heads right now. It doesn’t only apply to junk and smart jewelry but precious ones too. Stacking is considered cool not just about teenagers but women of all ages. It brings out a striking side of the personality that is still underexplored.


Don’t Flinch from Colors

And lastly, colors are good. So, don’t cringe from buying more colorful jewelry. Color gems are on cloud 9 right now, and that is how it’s going to be in the new few years. So break the monotony and buy some colorful jewelry this season. Wear them every summer to look times younger.

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