A Jewelry Gift Guide for All Budgets

It may be some time until the holiday season will be upon us, but it doesn’t kill to prepare in advance. If you are planning to give a gift to someone in your family of some bling this year, then now is a good time to start saving for it. Though it’s nearly impossible to conceive a figure in your mind before even deciding on what you want to pick or looking at your options, try to keep a range in mind, a range you mustn’t exceed. So, whether it’s treating yourself or gifting a nice piece of jewelry to someone close to you, here is a short guide that can make the prospect happen without many missteps.

Something Petite or Sizeable: Start by deciding whether you want it to be the size of your fist or thumb. For a petite piece, your preparations don’t need to be too much unless your earnings are consecrated to serious commitments. If it’s a big, bold piece, we suggest that you start saving a year or two in advance so have a substantive sum of money by the end of the term to shop with.

Contemporary or Classic: It is important to decide if you want to buy something modern, classic or vintage before you actually walk into a store. Classic and vintage pieces are significantly costlier than contemporary jewelry. That is the first reason why you must make up your mind in advance. Secondly, it will keep you focused at the options from a particular category instead of getting your attention scattered by many shiny things.

Crystals or Gems: Know what the person concerned likes. Is it crystals or gems? Gems, depending on the size or quality you choose are mostly affordable. Crystals on the contrary can be a little too much, if your fund is not abundant, so to speak. Pearls also make a good choice in between gems and crystals, but real pearls too are quite expensive.

Rare or Not: Rare jewelry are priced higher than those lesser. Though everybody wants to buy something for money that is exotic, at the least, it is not always possible to afford the rarest piece in the collection. Should you aim for that, you have to be monetarily prepared for it. If not, then you have a plethora of choices to pick from. A gift made with good feelings is rare nevertheless.

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