Jewelry for the Special Day and Every Day

Stores in the 21st century no longer sell jewelry that are specially crafted for particular days and are keepsakes for the rest of the year. Jewelry bought with real money should have use for every day, any day. Luckily, you can now pick and choose those jewelry pieces that are designed to go with both gowns and pantsuits, hoodies and rompers and everything else you can think of. Although, they are not as many in count as the others, but there are enough to refresh your stock with versatile pieces.
Some of these pieces in your jewelry box will save you the pain and pinch of buying jewelry again and again, for different days and occasions.

Dew Drops
If you are a fashionista, chances are that you already have a few drop earrings in your collection, but these are nothing like you ever had. Over drop earrings are good to go with designer gowns or off-the-rack workwear, but these pieces are a whole new league altogether. These are essentially drop earrings, and like all drop earrings, they feature a pair of drop diamonds in the decorative end of the piece. The dew drop earrings do not have an elaborate top that’s the saving grace. The top is left predictably unattended to even out the gorgeousness of the danglers. Often a thin band of white diamonds or just a plain metal strand forms the top leading up to the halo style dews at the bottom. Goes with anything from wedding dresses to drop neckline gowns to blazers and whatnot.


Riviera Necklaces
If you ever think of spending big on a piece of jewelry, let it be a Riviera necklace. This string of sparkler is a style statement that goes above and beyond the beauty of all other necklaces. A good Riviera necklace is perfection woven in a string of metals.

Tennis Bracelets
Another glamorous addition to your bracelet collection, a tennis bracelet is effectively timeless in its beauty. They are dainty, delicate and dandy, and everything that you want your bracelet to be. Pretty much every word of admiration fits with these pretty bracelets. So, these strands of sparkling diamonds are your excuse to saying goodbye to bracelets that look too bold in one occasion and lackluster in others. Tennis bracelets are subtle, yet striking, modern, yet classic and are a great match with every outfit there is.

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