Jewelry Inspirations for the 4th of July or Memorial Day

On days like the 4th of July and Memorial Day, everybody feel like wearing something that reflects their love and loyalty for the motherland. One way of dressing up for the occasion is to don jewelry themed on patriotism. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go out shopping and shelling a lot of bucks on something you will have use for only on these days. If your jewelry box is versatile enough, we can put together an entire ensemble of jewelry for you that will speak out the sentiments loud and clear for you.

Jewelry Inspirations for the 4th of July or Memorial Day

Starry Pendants: Putting together a jewelry ensemble especially for Independence Day is easier than you might have thought. Wear the stars from the US flags, if not the stripes on that day. Sparkling starry pendants are mostly a staple item in every woman’s collection. So, if you haven’t worn them since your teen days, these occasions are the right excuse to don them once again, for a reason.

Firework Ear Studs: Look in your tray of ear studs and grab anything that has red and blue in them. They don’t have to have all the colors or even multi-colored stones on them. Pick a ruby or garnet firework earrings, or a plain sapphire one. Even a diamond firework stud would do, as long as it is white in color.

Nautical Charms: Call it commemorating the mariners or just dressing to watch the fireworks by a waterbody, a nautical charm can’t go wrong on a day like this. Wear it in silver, platinum or gold, the anchor will stand to symbolize security and stability, the two things every countryman should wish for their nation.

Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire Stack Rings: If you are in love with the US flag, then here is an excuse to make use of your ruby, sapphire and diamond stackable rings all at once. No matter if they don’t have one type of stone each or if they are solitaires and not gem bands. Wear them together to celebrate the festivity of the 4th of July. In addition to being tremendously patriotic, this ensemble is also very summery and playful, something makes just the perfect touch to any attire in the warm summer.

Enjoy the fireworks and roadshows while wearing some of these pieces to be part of the nationwide celebration.

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