Jewelry Fashion Inspirations for Brides-to-Be

If your big day is drawing closer and the anticipation hasn’t helped at all in making your mind about the kind of jewelry you want to wear with your gown, then you are not alone. Brides-to-be often find themselves hitting a wall when trying to coming up with fashion ideas days before the wedding. So, to make the journey a little easy for you, here are some inspirations. They may be different from some of your ideas, but they are definitely worth a close look. Let’s take a look at the bridal baubles that may hit you with some inspiration to pick out yours.

Nature-inspired Delicate Drop Earrings
Those looking to put up a delicate look for the day are not exactly out of choices in the bridal section. The galleries may have moderate to extravagant choices mostly, but there are some for those who are not looking to anything bold and boastful for the day. For those looking to keep it simple, the nature inspired delicate drop earrings featuring a large round-cut stud and a pear-cut pendant make the best fit. Linked by a metal loop, the gems sparkle brilliantly lending the attire a fragile and beautiful appearance. It is easygoing, elegant and full of grace.

Cluster Stone Studs
If you are strictly a studs person who simply refuses to go out of her ways, then you are in luck. The cluster stone studs will interest you plenty. Designed with three sizeable diamonds, each of a different cut, clustered together to form a floral appearance, these studs are hard to miss. Although they may not pop out of your ear right away, but they are flashy enough to gravitate the attention of your guests.

Dainty All Diamond Bracelets
All diamond tennis bracelets are a trend at this point. Some like to go for the single-row tennis bracelets that are extremely comfortable, and without a doubt elegant, while others prefer more complicated designs, mostly involving a center stone and multiple rows. The single-row bracelets are dainty and are sure a standout even on a bride. They are elegant and very easy to draw attention by. As for other complex designs, there are some that feature a larger stone at the center giving it a more bangle-like appearance, although you may find single-row bracelets with a center stone too. Multi-row and multi-gem bracelets are dominant choices in this too.

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