Jewelry for Every Occasion

There are no boundaries in fashion, and that’s what makes it such a welcoming thing. If you are not fully sure of what your style is, let’s open that can with the assurance that no matter how obvious or subtle, full or blooming, everybody has a unique style. So, whatever your style is, it is only a reflection of your personality. What you pick in jewelry or what you have in your wardrobe is only telling of how you are as a person. So, asking yourself questions like whether you are a people’s person or a private girl, whether you like to stay at the center of the crowd or prefer being a wallflower seems like a good place to start to discovering your fashion sense. Be that as it may, every woman should have a guidebook to help her accessorize for an occasion.


For Casual Work Days

A casual workday is busy with client meetings, staff meetings, emailing, calling, and such duties. So, what jewelry should one wear that goes with the work mood? Well, most people think light and skinny when it comes to office jewelry. These two adjectives have come to define workplace jewelry more than anything else. But, it’s time to break free from the routine. Try colorful ear studs. They rock, even with formal wear. They lend an element of surprise in the otherwise straight and boring attire. Studs decorated with semi-precious gems like amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine, opal, etc. are in high availability.


For Occasions Involving Infants and Toddlers

Anything involving children, especially babies is likely to have tons of sugary drinks and snacks, and that’s no place for expensive jewelry. But, all the same, you need to find something impressive enough. Once again studs are the go-to earring for such occasions. You might however want to avoid colors avoid the attention of children who habitually try to grab anything that looks delicious to them. Skinny necklaces with a sparing sprinkling of white gems is a delicate choice for new mommies. But try avoiding anything so skinny that can snap with a tug.


For Vacations

For a vacation to the Caribbean and anywhere warm, colored gems is the way to go. Pick anything in gems, from multi-colored gem bracelets to gem-loaded string necklaces and you are all set. But for a vacation at a ski resort, you want to pick something exclusive and sophisticated. Diamond earrings and bracelets are what work best with all black outfits. However, if you are travelling internationally and are unwilling to carry expensive jewelry, then semi-precious stone jewelry are a fitting alternative.


For Interviews

For job interviews, you need something that makes it stand out, but is all the same not distracting. Avoid highly decorative pieces. Instead, go for something light and little. Petite pendants, skinny necklaces, single row bracelets, etc. are the best fit for these formal interviews.


For Anniversaries

Whether it’s a night out for a date night on your terrace, anniversaries are the most fitting events to pick out your statement jewelry and have a go at it.

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