Jewelry That Complete Office Outfits

Mixing and matching jewelry for a fun Friday or a date night is a liberating experience, because you don’t have to leash your creativity at every step. But, dressing for the office is a lot more challenging. You need to exercise more control in your choice of jewelry to be sure that there is a balance between your pantsuits and your baubles. Accessorizing office wears often requires help, particularly for someone who is new in this. So, here is a little help that can help you find the right piece to go with the low chignon, your A-line skirt or your cardigan.

Save the Bold and Flashy for the Parties

Jewelry That Complete Office Outfits
First things first, you have to learn to mix and match jewelry. That may come with age like wisdom, but until then, bear with your mistakes. Meanwhile, avoid anything gaudy or garish for the office days. Pick something simple, even plain. Wearing flashy ornaments to work may be seen as a display of your wealth and that is not something you want to do, even if you are paid better than most. Sophisticated and delicate jewelry go hand in hand with formal wear. That match is approved by fashion scientists around the world. So, best to stick to that formula until you concoct your own.


Statement Jewelry Are Fine

Jewelry That Complete Office Outfits - Statement Jewelry Are Fine
If fashion is something embedded in your personality, don’t flinch to show it off. But, if you must, do it with statement accessories. They may be worth a little extra, but they are every penny well spent. A statement piece can shine brighter than a diamond the size of a rock. Statement jewels are designed to steal the show without getting onlookers recoil at the sight.


Jewelry Is to Outfits What Frosting Is to a Cake

Jewelry That Complete Office Outfits - Jewelry Is to Outfits What Frosting Is to a Cake
Think of it as something that completes your attire, nor aggrandizes it. That helps you moderate your choice of jewelry. Understand what accessories mean to an outfit. Once you can wrap your head around what it brings to your appearance, you will know what to pick and how to wear something. But, for now, avoid donning multiple necklaces or bangles in both arms when preparing to go to work. The idea is to attract, and not distract. Restrict your choices to Y necklaces and delicate bracelets, petite pendants and stud earrings than danglers and stackable rings, cascading neckpieces and bulky bangles.

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