Jewelry Care Guide for the Wintry Months

Caring for your jewelry is a round the year regime. Like our skin, our jewelry are delicate too. They need proper care all through the year. Quite like our skin, the cleaning routines for jewelry are different in different seasons. For jewelry winter cleaning and caring regime is remarkably different from that in summer. If you want the sparkling beauties to remain young and vibrant like they were the first time when you brought them home from the stores, then here is a handful of tips to try out. This should take care of your favorite jewelry pieces all through the brutal winter months.


Clean Them Up
Just because its winter doesn’t mean they can’t use a little warm bath. Don’t take them to the shower with you. Instead soak them up in a nice warm bath that is best made with some warm tap water and a few drops of baby shampoo or any mild shampoo. The dry flakes of the skin get caught in the nooks and crannies of jewelry making them dirty from the inside. The accumulation may not show right away, but the direct starts to really build up after a couple of winters causing skin infections among other problems. So, if you are really busy, clean your everyday jewelry once every month. For rings, a wash every few days is best advisable for hygiene.


Sizing and Resizing
Winter is the time when our extremities shrink from the cold. Your fingers are no exception to that. So, if the ring that fit your fingers fine this autumn gets a little loose in December, don’t be alarmed. It just means that your fingers have shrunk a little from the cold. There is no need to take it to a jeweler for resizing because come summer, it will slide back into a perfect fit. For the time being, use your rings with ring guards for a proper fit. Those that are too loose on the finger are best avoided till summer brings your fingers back to its normal size.


Layer with Care
Winter is when we layer our clothes. With a lot of wooly clothes filling the wardrobe, the risks of snagging heightens, and you may know this already that sweaters and gemstone jewelry are no friends. So, adopting a little caution when dressing in the winter is advised to keep your jewelry and clothes from damaging one another.

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