Jewel Up for a Snazzy Summer Look at the Beach

It’s summer! Time to slip into your favorite bikini and roll in the tickly grainy sand by the crashing waves. While ‘bare’ is the word at the beach, most people take that way too seriously. Yes, there is no disputing that one is supposed to expose as much skin as possible to the streaming Vitamin D to get that lovely tan on a sunny day at the beach. But, that does not flatline your chance of looking fashionable in beachwear. Many would be elated to learn that your shades is not the only accessory that go with a two piece. A few selective pieces of jewelry go just as fine. In fact, when picked judiciously and worn confidently, you can pretty much be the woman who walks in beauty even outside a Donatella gown.

Fashion Earrings
However, do not take that license of jeweling up too seriously and pick the first thing you find in the box. Go long, but not big. Danglers look chic with swimwear, and believe it or not, the choices are so far beyond a regular pair of hoops. Hoops are fine, but what’s finer is a pair of dangling diamond medallions. A particular design that normally jacks up a beachwear is the long crystalline diamond danglers hanging low from a pair of diamond studded tops. Pull your hair up in anunkempt knot on top and these danglers will do the talking.

Body Chains
Body chains are the sexiest piece of jewelry ever to adorn a female frame. When your body is clad with a two piece and the curves are bare and screaming, tag on a belly chain to complete the look. Body chains go with almost any style of beachwear such as solid color bikinis, flimsy, stringy, see through thongs, Speedy shark skin suits, blingy one pieces, halter neck one pieces, crochet cover-ups and even sarongs. While your choice of earrings can be a little bold, balance that up with a delicate body chain. If you prefer something dressier than just a plain chain, go beady.

Stackable Bangles
Lastly, complete the look with a stack of bangles. This will need pairing with your earrings. Fashion enthusiasts love this style of accessorizing as it brings out the glamour quotient of any attire. Make sure, you wear the bangles in one hand. While right is the way to go, some ladies carry it exceptionally well in their left arms. You can make a stack from similar kind of bangles or go wild in interspersing one with another. You may even experiment with a combination of light and heavy wrist wears. Let those toned shapely arms get the people talking.

Dress up to look complete, exotic and glamorous from a distance, and even better up close.

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