Some Jaw Dropping Picks That Were Bid for Millions

Jewelry shows and auctions witness galore of exquisite ornaments that do not see the light of day as the rest of the artifacts sold in stores. These coveted pieces are decisively kept from public eye to be unveiled in invitation-only auctions and exhibitions where they magnetize the richest and are sold of the highest bidders. In all fairness, witnesses these near magical pieces should be a privilege reserved to a few. However, since it is, that shouldn’t stop you from catching a glimpse of these swoon-worthy pieces. Here are some descriptive vignettes dedicated to some extraordinary pieces of jewels that were sold at auctions for millions.


Ring of Baguette and Marquise
Diamonds in Marquise cut is strictly a no-show in the everyday collection. This piece designed to have viewers drool over marquise diamonds is designed with a center marquise diamond. While that is moderately impressive, what takes this ring to a height that only a few has touched is the baguette halo. Halo as we all know is a circular shadow of a central object. This one redefines the traditional concept by using baguette diamond halo around a marquise stone. Streaks of sparkle seem to ricochet from the diamond creating a spectacle never seen before.


Brooch of Tourmaline, Agate and Diamond
This brooch is a fine specimen of combination of diamond with less expensive gems. This floral brooch is a large flower, the petals of which are curved from tourmaline and agate. At the heart of the flower sits a sizable, translucent diamond. Diamond anthers accent the stone creating a sparkle from the bed of purple petals.


Spiral on Spring Ear Clips
These spiral ear clips are like nothing you have seen before. Diamonds arrayed on a spiral platinum spring that emerges from a base of emerald crust make the mainframe design of the stud. The pair is as exotic as it is rare. Sold for $373,357, this one is by far, the rarest of the designs in earrings. Designed by JAR, this piece was received by the crowd with thrill and excitement. Simpler pieces have been designed by its makers, but this one was a wonderful upgrade from the others.

Though the last piece sold for less than a million, it scraped off all its deserved for the rarity of the concept and the gems it was lain with.

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