It’s all about the Diamond in an Engagement Ring

The time has come to propose and you must consider what to do about the ring. While times have changed and a diamond ring isn’t crucial, it is still central to an engagement. Selecting the right jewel is a personal decision, these days more couples are selecting the ring together, whether by looking online or visiting a storefront.

Cut, clarity and cost are important elements, as are the size and color of the diamond. While the setting serves as a reflection of who the person is, the centerpiece is the diamond. An engagement ring is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The diamond and the setting should reflect the one who will be wearing it.

Round brilliant diamonds are the most iconic of diamond cuts. Since their introduction in Marcel Tolkowsky’s thesis 1919 “Diamond Design,” cutters have strived to create diamonds that do more than reflect light. To create a truly beautiful diamond, the ability to achieve a balance of light, shadow and flashes of rainbow is paramount.

Some designers take the quality of their round brilliants a step farther. To them, it isn’t enough to have flashes of white and colored lights through the tops of their diamonds. Their stones are cut in such a way that stylized hearts and arrows are visible through special viewers. While hearts and arrows aren’t crucial to a well cut jewel, the romantically minded may enjoy this detail.

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