Introducing Step Cut Diamonds

You may have seen steps in some diamond cuts, but step cut diamonds are the first of their kind. Just as some of the most sparkling cuts are grouped under brilliant, the step cut has some of the most attractive cuts under its belt. Designed mimicking the Aztec temple steps, this cut features symmetrically perfect parallel lines that run along the length and width of the stones. Unlike brilliant cuts, step cuts give the stones a larger appearance with their series of steps on the sides. The cut is reminiscent of the effect produced by hall of mirrors in fairs.

Introducing Step Cut Diamonds

Shapes That Come Under the Step Cut Category
There are three shapes that are essentially step-cut- namely, emerald, baguette and asscher.

  • Emerald: Emerald cut diamonds are popular for their untraditional shape. It has a rectangular body with cropped corners. It features a particularly large table and a rather elongated pavilion.
  • Baguette: Baguette cuts have fewer facets than emerald or Asscher cut stones. However, that does not affect the degree of brilliance of the stones. It features a long, rectangular shape and significantly less facets. Baguette cut diamonds are mostly used to shape accent stones.
  • Asscher: A contribution to the world of diamonds by the Asscher brothers, this one came out around the early 1900. The cut, loved for its X shaped table, it was an instant hit in the market for its novel set of angles and shaved corners.

A Selective Pick for Vintage-Inspired Ornaments
Jewelers love this cut for vintage-inspired ornaments. Step cuts have a particular feel that help to solidify the authentic look of a heritage or antique jewelry. That is the reason why we get to see cuts like Asscher and emerald making frequent appearances in antique-inspired jewelry. The step cut has been in active use since 1920 and their calculated lines and mirror like effects make them the face of jewelry of that age. Today, when artists try to reproduce these ornaments with a modern spin, they prefer using step cut diamonds to preserve the authenticity of the style.

Step Cuts to Save a Little Cash
A cross between brilliant and mixed cuts, the step cuts are an ideal choice for the mediocre buyers. Although it does not enjoy the same popularity as the brilliant cut, it also sells for a far lesser price. So anybody looking to enjoy a little discount can choose step cut diamonds for their jewelry.

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