Inlay Rings after Resizing

Inlay rings are a tough choice for a jeweler for a request of resizing. While a plain gold band with none or sparing use of gems can be resized without much sculpting involved, inlay rings require skill, and more than that methods, methods which are not accessible to most jewelers. That is not so say that a jeweler who cannot size an inlay ring is not resourceful. It is because inlay rings have too much complicated intrusions that resizing can disturb or plain cut out. That is why most jewelers are not comfortable, or enthused to say the least, to resize rings with inlay features.
However, that does not really rule out all possibilities of an inlay ring to be resized at all. It can still be done, but with restricted results.

Inlay Rings after Resizing

Sizing Inlay Rings
Sizing rings with inlay features involve reworking on the gems. Since the new shape either expands or contracts the current size of the ring, in all likelihood, the jeweler will have to either add new slots and gems or change the places to the gems to still keep it looking nice and continuous.

The Risks Involved
There are more difficulties in sizing rings with inlay gems than may seem apparent at first. The first risk is that of breakage. For rings that require to be sized to a smaller measurement, the new shape can simply cause the stones to break. The other risk is that of damaging the gems. In the process of clipping the ring short, a gem or two may get chipped, worse if the size of the stones is substantive. The chipping is not accidental, but a possibility. In that case, the stones broken have to be taken out, discarded and replaced with new ones. Odds are, you will never find any use with the discarded gems. At most, you can sell them off to a trader or at a store.

To lay it out simply, things can go horribly wrong, with resizing inlay rings. So, if it’s not worth the risks, then I suggest that you save the trouble and money, speaking of which, all the complications involve make resizing extremely expensive for inlay rings.

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