Infinity Rings: Some Crowning Specimens

Eternity bands have prevailed over the market for the longest time now, turning buyers’ judgements in their favor. But this year turned out to be the end of another era in the jewelry industry. Jewelers went marauding through unexplored avenues and in their journey, they took with them the candor that their predecessors lacked. At the end of the trail, they had a bag full of surprise elements to gift to the people. Along came infinity rings.
Jewelers back in time chose to stick to rounds, coils and such shapes for designing ornaments. Things have turned around a little for them. Designers now allow inspirations to source from unexpected places. For instance, the whole idea of infinity rings was nicked from the infinity symbol in mathematics. The loops of infinity ring stand for time that has no beginning and therefore no ending. That is a description that fits one human emotion best and that is love. So, jewelers rightly used it in engagement and bridal rings to save the day.
So that’s with the origin of the idea of infinity rings. Described below are a couple of signature pieces of infinity rings that have become the face of this style.


Infinity Band with a Center Diamond
Your love for solitaire doesn’t have to go altogether. The jewelers have introduced solitaire style infinity rings. The rings use a large sparkler for a center stone. The rest of the band follows the classic infinity style. Use of cluster diamonds on the strands of the band add an extra sparkle to the piece. The diamond facet also works to highlight the waves of the band while cradling the larger stone in the middle.


Infinity Band with a Front Knot
Infinity bands are often styled with a lot of loops and waves. However, this one is a bit different from the ones that usually make it to the shelves. This one has a loopy knot at the front. While gemstones run through one strand following it through the folds of the knot, the other remains bare. This one uses emerald instead of diamond and it works just perfect.


Heritage Style Infinity Ring with Three Stones
Lastly, a wonderful specimen of vintage style ring is this three stone infinity ring. Aquamarine stones of two different sizes find the frontal place in this piece. The stones sit at the core of the three loops filling the empty space with a touch of glitter.

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