Infinity Bands or Solitaires? The Most Difficult Choice of All

Liking any particular piece of jewelry enough to spend a handful on it over others is more on the challenging side of things. Such high-priced purchases are often delayed by moments of two-mindedness. One such tough choice is to decide between an infinity band and a solitaire. Solitaires pull out an easy yes, but not since the jewelers refreshed the section of infinity bands. The privilege of both is reserved for those who are going to get married. But for others, it has to be one or the other. So how do you make a pick between the two without feeling like missing out on the other?

Let’s take a look at both styles from close quarters. That perspective is integral to finding out which one you want.


One thing that can be said right off the top of the head is that solitaires are more gorgeous than infinity rings. But, are they really? In reality, the difference stands not in the degree of gorgeousness, but in the styles. Solitaire rings use one central stone, and more often than not it’s an achromatic diamond. There is never much work at the back of the bands. In solitaires, all of the details is placed around the stone. Everything about the design of a solitaire is aimed at aggrandizing and highlighting the stone. Hardly ever does a solitaire ring have works all over the band. So, if you are a design person, then solitaires might not be the best choice for you. Solitaires appeal directly to the diamond lovers and you may not be one among them. If you are not, then let’s move over to your section which is infinity bands.

Infinity Bands

Lately, these bands have been designed in great many styles to reignite the common interest. Designers have been largely successful in pulling away customers from the solitaire section. To be fair, this is a good change after what seemed like the longest era of solitaire rings. Infinity rings make potential choices for diamond lovers too, because gemstones are now generously used in the items of these section. Infinity rings inlaid with cluster diamonds is a new favorite among women. Styles like split bands, interlaced bands, multi-row gemstone settings, have changed the plain band trend of infinity rings.

It is advisable to spend all that money only on the one you fully like.

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