Important information to Know When Buying a Diamond

When buying diamonds, it helps to learn what you can before finalizing your purchase. Most people want the best they can afford, making the right information essential.

Concerning the cut, symmetry is crucial, be it a round brilliant, oval, marquise or heart shape. The ratio of a cut’s length and width shouldn’t be overlooked either, but checked to see if the achieved balance is pleasing to the eye. Just as important is that fancy shapes like a marquise or heart achieve a moderate but noticeable curve on the edges adjacent to a pointed end.

Color is another important factor. Laboratories such as the Gemological Institute of America use a scale of D to Z to determine a stone’s shade, with D being colorless and Z having a visible yellow or brown tint. It’s usually not recommended to go lower than K in color, as the further down the alphabet, the clearer the color is to the naked eye.

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