The Importance Of Popular Diamond Shapes


Diamonds definitely add value to both your bank balance as well as your social prestige. It is no wonder, therefore, that women consider the glittering stone to be their best friend. The four C’s are the factors to be looked at carefully while purchasing a diamond. But you already know it, right? The shape of a diamond is just the form of the stone although an offbeat shape like the heart or the pear has the power to influence the price of the diamonds sufficiently.

The shape is not to be confused with the cut though. While a cut is simply the ability of the stone to reflect light, the shape happens to be its actual physical appearance. The most common shapes of a diamond are also some of the most popular ones. Surprisingly there are a number of round shaped diamonds coveted by the celebs on account of their brilliance. The cushion cut diamond is just like a square in appearance while the asscher, emeralds, and radiant diamonds are more rectangular. The shape of a heart diamond is obvious by its name although it may be a trifle difficult to guess the shape of a Marquise diamond. No worries! It is just a pear diamond that has the ends pointed.

The gemologists and diamond experts agree that the round cut and shaped diamond is most popular of them all with almost three fourths of the diamond buyers making a beeline for this particular shape especially for an engagement ring. The reason is no conundrum either. Diamond merchants and companies engaged in the diamond trade will tell you that two round shaped diamonds result by cutting a naturally occurring rough diamond skillfully that too with minimal loss of the crystal. The Princess shape along with the round cut diamond is immensely popular due to the way they reflect light resulting in the brilliance of the diamonds.

The less than perfect diamonds that contain way too many inclusions or are asymmetrical are best cut into fancy shapes so that the novelty makes up for their loss of brilliance. There is no end of different shapes when it comes to a diamond though. However, only about 10 of the most popular diamonds are hailed as classics while the odd shaped ones are often patented or remains in the keeping of the owner who has no interest in publicizing it.
Do give a thought to the shape of your hand and your style quotient before purchasing a diamond on basis of its shape. Let the diamond reflect your good taste and compliment your looks via its shape.

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