The Importance of Buying Certified Diamonds


Learning about the 4Cs of diamond is just half the homework done as one needs to go much beyond that today. Buying a diamond is a big investment and hence, you should dive deeper into every detail so that you know exactly at what you are splurging. There is a 5th C -‘certification’, without the knowledge of which a diamond cannot be bought, rather should not be bought. This is, in fact, the most important of all the Cs because at the end of the day, a diamond certificate will give you that much needed peace of mind.

It is necessary to know that not every diamond comes with a certificate. However, this doesn’t rule out the importance of a diamond certificate.

What is a Diamond Certificate?

Before anything, let us take a look at what a diamond certificate really offers. A diamond certificate is basically a document, a diamond grading report that certifies the quality of diamonds taking into account the color, clarity and cut. In other words, it is basically an X-Ray of the exterior and interior features of a diamond. It carries precise and complete information about the carat weight, cut, shape, dimensions, clarity and color grades, polish, girdle width and symmetry of the diamond. A diamond certificate therefore insures the quality of the gem and assures the buyer that they are getting a diamond as illustrated by the jeweler.

When you are buying certified diamonds, you are also buying the certificate. This should be kept with you in a safe place, throughout the life of the diamond.

Who Issues the Diamond Certificate?

Merely looking for a certified diamond is not enough because the accuracy and authenticity of the certificate also depend on which laboratory is issuing the certificate. You thereby need to ensure that the certification is issued by a reputed diamond laboratory and not by a local store, a local jeweler or a diamond wholesaler. The laboratory should not only be a reputed and a well-established one, they should also be widely known for their stringent grading practices. GIA, AGS, EGL, IGI and HRD are some of the eminent and widely accepted diamond laboratories in the world. Among them the GIA certified diamonds are the most sought after owing to their rigorous grading process.

Why is it necessary/important to purchase Certified Diamonds?

  • A certified diamond gives 100% verification and assurance on the quality of the diamond. Hence, rather than blindly believing the sales pitch of the retailer you will be equipped with a diamond certificate giving you the much needed confidence and assurance. In other words, only a diamond certificate can truly verify what the diamond salesperson is telling you. It is like a stamp of authenticity.
  • A diamond certificate will give you a clear idea about the look and quality of the diamond irrespective of whether you have had a personal look at it or not. It is much easier to rely on the information issued by a diamond certificate than to rely on one’s visual inspection.
  • In case of reselling, returning or upgrading, a certified diamond will hold more value as they speed up the procedures.
  • A diamond certificate is crucial for helping your insurance company replace your diamond in an untoward event like loss or theft.
  • A diamond certificate protects you and adds value to the diamond.

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