Ideas to Custom-Design an Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

You have an oval cut diamond that you want to put into decorating an engagement ring? There are more than one way to approach designing an engagement ring with an oval-cut center stone. We have some ideas that can help. Some of the ideas shared down below involve the use of additional stones which may inflate the price by a wide margin. Those who are on a budget or are simply not looking to cross over the solitaire boundary may stick to the solitaire ideas, which, although not many, every bit worth a try.

Ideas to Custom-Design an Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval-Cut Diamond on a Round Band
The first and most straightforward idea of putting together an engagement ring with an oval-cut diamond is to set it on a skinny rounded band. No refurbishments or aggrandizing required. The stone will sparkle on the band giving the hand a slimmer and more slender appearance. This is for anybody who doesn’t want too many stones on their rings and are perfectly happy with something minimal.

Oval-Cut with a Single Row Halo
Moving on to the decorative options, an oval-cut stone with a halo is a great balance between a minimal and a gorgeous ring. The halo rightly enhances the glamour of the ring without making it too flashy or showy. All the same, it is a great design to pair with casuals, formals and dressy numbers. So, if you want your engagement ring to be something that goes great with all the contents of your wardrobe, then this is the way to go.

Oval-Cut with Accents and a Halo
There is a third option that takes things a notch higher from the halo, and that’s halo with accents. For those who do not mind a bit of extra sparkle in their engagement rings, this one is worth a second look. Set with an oval-cut feature, this design carries a diamond halo around the center stone and whole arrangement sits on a band the shoulders of which are accented with a single stone on each side. Yes, its quite bold, but also undeniably pretty.

Oval-Cut on a Gemmed Split Band
For a more modern twist, take a look at the split shoulder band section. This ring carries a center oval-cut stone with no halos or accents. The bands that hold the stone together is split on both sides which before becoming whole meets a touch of gentle accenting.

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