A Handful of Ideas to Design Your Own Ring

Designing a ring may sound frightening at the first time, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting project. If you agree to disagree, then how do you explain the growing flock of people who are going down that route these days? You may argue they have help from their designer friends or overflowing creative ideas, but the reality there is far more interesting than that. Thousands of people around the world are now designing their own rings to preserve full originality, particularly if it’s an engagement or a wedding ring. If the idea interests you considerably, then here are some ideas that can help truncate the gap between the start and success of the prospect.

A Handful of Ideas to Design Your Own Ring

Start with the Face
When you have the vision of a perfect ring, it is only an amalgam of all the rings that you have seen this far. That is not a revelation curated to embarrass you. All books are made out of books, and that’s the fun part of it. However, you can shake up the cocktail and whip up something ingenious and decide on the kind of credit you deserve. In case of a ring, start thinking from the center work of the piece. If it’s a band without a face, then you can go ahead and skip this part. But, if your ring has to have a distinct crown, then your work must start from there.

Decide Your Gems
Most people do not take this seriously, or leave this part for the last. Unsurprisingly, most of such projects need to be reviewed again from the start with major adjustments on the card. If you want to save all that trouble, choose your gems right after you have conceived the design. To be able to visualize the ring in its entirety is not optional when you are designing a ring. Once you have picked your gems, now put them together to see how the ring looks. Up until now, it’s an entirely mental process. If you are good at drawing, try putting it on a piece of paper.

Band Next
At the last stage, design the band of the ring. Usually, the shoulders of a band is lightly broader than the shank. That said, you can accommodate some details on the sides of the face to accent the band.

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