How to Care for Your Diamonds

Diamonds are possibly some of the most precious assets you have. You save up for years to buy that priceless diamond dangler that has inspired your awe every time you have passed it on your way, or defer some long awaiting purchase for a good span of time because you just saw that a lovely pair of drop diamond earrings are on a 30% discount. We do so much monetary adjustments and compromises just to own a dazzling diamond ornament, but not so much when we have them locked in our vault than to take them out from time to time to have satisfying gaze. Here are some ways in which you can care for your diamonds to keep the fire alive as new for generations.

Diamonds May Be Hard, But the Ornaments Are Not Meant for Heavy-duty Jobs
Before you plunge into a drill of industrious job, make sure that you have shed all your ornaments, particularly the diamond studded ones. Gardening is one of those tasks which can literally spoil your ornaments, rings in particular. So, take off all your diamond and gemstone rings before you dip your hands into dirt and compost. Other jobs like house cleaning and weight lifting are also included in the list of heavy duty jobs.

Diamonds don’t Need Makeup, They Are Naturally Perfect
You don’t want to spray perfume or deodorants on your diamond jewelry or accidentally fill them with your powder puff or even spritz some root boosters on it. Such chemicals can potentially harm the diamonds and you may not notice the difference right away, but after a while, discoloration starts to show up. But by then, it’ll be too late to revert the change.

Diamonds Sure Need a Bath, But Not Every Day and Not In the Human Style
Give your diamond jewelry a wash and a rub every now and then, but don’t take them to the shower with you. The soap scum can get into the tricky contours of the ornament and work from inside to dim the flash of the stones. Also, try to remove all gemstone jewelry before you step into the pool for a swim.

Not the Best Accessories for Contact Sports
Gold and platinum are soft materials. A little knock or bump can leave a deep dent on them. So, if you play any contact sport, consider it essential to remove all jewelry before you hit the ground.

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