How to buy Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular or square shaped stones with step cut facets and truncated corners. Emerald cuts may not reflect as much light as other cuts, but serves as an excellent showcase for a diamond’s clarity. If you want a good quality piece, make sure its length to width ratio is 1.5:1 with a VS1 or VS2 clarity.

Some people prefer emerald cut diamonds as an expression of elegance and sophistication. They’re capable of displaying fire brilliance by turning their facets into unique prisms of light. At the same time, their broad table facets automatically draw the eye inwards, highlighting possible flaws. Professional diamond cutters take care to use the highest quality of diamonds for emerald cuts.

The best thing about emerald cut diamonds is that choosing it’s one way of getting flawless diamonds without necessarily having to pay dearly. Many people have realized they can save hundreds by buying emerald cut diamonds as opposed to more popular types such as oval or round cuts. Since the demand for emerald cuts are growing, you may save yourself some trouble if you only bought certified diamonds from a reputable jeweler.

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