How Much Jewelry to Wear on the Wedding Day


Jewelry is a tricky thing in bridal attires. While too much of it can destroy the whole look irreparably, too little can dampen the effect completely. To know how to strike a balance, one must start by knowing how much is too much or too little in bridal jewelry. Sadly, there is no straightforward answer to that question. Every costume, every look demands a different style of accessory. So to help you better understand the concept of accessorizing in the context of weddings, here is a little discussion on how much jewelry should one wear on their wedding.


Know Who to Ask
Asking the right person for an opinion on your jewelries demands more attention than it normally gets. Whom you choose to seek an opinion can literally make or break your look. In moms’ worlds, there is no such thing as enough when it comes to bridal jewelries. But loading yourself with more than just the right amount doesn’t help beyond appeasing them. Excess jewelry is the first thing that shows in a bridal attire. Just one piece of extra jewelry can call so much attention to itself that it will undo the whole effort.

Your Neckline Is Your Clue
To determine how much jewelry to wear on your big day, you need to know what’s your neckline going to be. If it’s a high neck dress like halter, illusion, etc., then your only options are earrings and a bracelet. If it’s an off-shoulder dress, then you have plenty of choices in neckpieces alone. The bottom line is, if your shoulders show in your dress, you want to accessorize with a statement necklace. If it’s a simple gown, play it up with a gorgeous necklace. To take it a notch higher, pair it with a bold bracelet or cuff.

An Often Neglected Aspect
One big aspect of your bridal look is your hair. You should bear your hairstyle in mind while choosing your baubles. For anybody wearing their hair up, anything bold and drop-down style will work perfect. If you are wearing your hair down, then something sleek and dainty will best complete your look.

The Debate over Gems
If it’s a wedding, then diamonds is the way to go. I wish I could say that it’s the end of all argument, but it is not. While diamond remains to be the top choice in bridal jewelry, women are also taking an active interest in colored gem jewelries.

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