How Are Eternity Rings and Wedding Bands Different?

Eternity rings and wedding bands have many points of difference although on the face they may look pretty similar. If you observe closely, you shall be blown away by the little details that strikingly distinguish one from the other. So, if you are caught between whether to get an eternity ring or a wedding band for the wedding or your anniversary, here is some information that will square away the contention. So, without much ado, let’s go into the finer points that preserve the individuality of these two kinds of rings, and how they make one different from the other.

How Are Eternity Rings and Wedding Bands Different?

Use in Ceremonies
The symbolic gesture they embody is overlapping for both wedding and eternity rings. They both symbolize the unbroken loop of love. So, that secures them a place in all romantic contexts. But, speaking strictly of their use in ceremonies, they are not really interchangeable. Wedding bands, whether it’s a nondescript metal band or a shimmer ring of gem, are exchanged in weddings. As for eternity rings, they fit occasions like anniversaries and so.

Use of Gems
One key characteristic that defines an eternity band is its full ecliptic use of gems. An eternity band wears gems all around the band. This is not really the case with wedding bands. In wedding bands, the use of gems are mostly limited to one half of the band, which is the frontal side. Another point of distinction between the two is the use of a large center stone. Eternity bands do not use a center stone so to speak, but more often than not, wedding bands use a larger stone at the center with smaller stones for accenting on the sides.

Wear for a Day or Life
Since eternity bands are given on sentimental moments, they are not ideally worn for life. Wedding bands on the contrary are worn by most throughout the tenure of the marriage. Although some people prefer to favor their engagement rings for wedding bands, but that’s only a matter of choice. Eternity bands are normally worn occasionally and have no ritualistic indication of wearing for life.
Both wedding bands and eternity rings are beautiful in their own rights. Just pick the one that the occasion demands and you are good to profess your vows of love.

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