Hoops from the 1980s Fashion

There are only a few other fashion articles that have stood the test of time as endurably as hoops. These earrings first came up in the 1980s. Back then, the ladies made a lot of hoot about these surprisingly minimal, but exquisite earrings. Almost every woman back in the 80s had a pair of hoops in their jewelry box. Those who didn’t weren’t exactly in the fashion parade. But, eventually, they faded, or somehow got dimmed by the growing rush of newer and fancier artefacts. Cut to 2017, hoops are back in fashion once again, and here is why.

Diamond hoop earringsChic and Funky, Both at the Same Time
Hoop earrings have been able to cast its appeal to not just an entire generation of women, but many by the simple fact that it is both classy and casual. It is quite challenging for the designers to craft something that combines both the qualities of chic and funky at the same time. Accidentally or expressly, these rings have come to bring both ends together in its very minimalistic, but catchy design. This is the reason why hoops are loved as much by high school girls as well as women in their later 40s. They pair great with pretty much every outfit, from short and skimpy ones to long and classy styles.

The Perfect Piece for One and All
It is not just the earrings’ universal match with all styles that makes it a must-have for all. Hoops are the earrings to have because they go with all facial cuts. Hoops are not only for oval or diamond faces, but as much for round, square and all other faces. The beauty of these rings is that they instantly highlight the cheekbones making the face appear sharper and stronger, something that is otherwise achievable by a good makeup job. That is another reason why these pieces have endured the passage of time and are once again back to the forefront.

An Affordable Pick for Most
The best thing about hoop earrings is that they are not expensive like most popular jewelry. Because they are crafted using very little gold, they are offered at a pretty negligible price, something that can be easily afforded by most section of the buyers. Though the prices go up and down depending on the styles and designs, the final prices of hoops earrings never touch the crippling point.

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