Hoop Earrings Are Back and Why

Hoops first came in fashion in the early 60s and the trend continued till the end of 70s. Today’s generation likes to remember it as one of the trashy fashion junks from 60s and 70s. If that’s what you still think, check again. The perspective about hoops has changed so much over the past few years that these earrings have been brought back to circulation on demand. Yes, being back in the 21st century, the hoops have traveled a long way to grow out of their reputation and embrace a very stylish one. If you are in search of a pair of earrings that will effortlessly add a touch of glamor to your entire outfit, then a pair of hoops is all you need.
Pair them with your Sunday outfit, or your best party dress, glamming up with hoops is just as easy as anything. Here is why.

Hoop Earrings Are Back and Why

Frame Your Face with Hoops
Yes, hoops frame your face, and they do a pretty good job at that. You have tried haircuts, hair styles and even makeup to make that jawline appear a touch sharper, now try this incredibly easy and effective way. Hoops are circular which strikes up a visible contrast between facial shapes of all kind. It makes the jaw appear sharp and prominent that no other earring can achieve to this extent. Another great thing about sporting hoops is that they naturally make your cheekbones look higher which in turn reveals the boniness of your face which is otherwise not so prominent.

An Ode to Retro Fashion
Who doesn’t like a little retro fashion when it’s cool and chic? The hoops are an ode to the past when fashion was of a distinct kind. The hoops are seen as an import from the 90s and therefore bears reminiscence of that time. Like chokers, and of course, jelly shoes, hoops will keep coming back in fashion. A pair of luxury golden hoops makes for a timeless addition to your collection.

A Size for Everyone
Hoops are made in plenty of sizes to suit the facial shapes and sizes of their customers. There are those ultra-large hula hoops and then the dinky ones to choose from. In between, there is an array of different sizes that are tailored to adorn diverse facial shapes. So, there is a variety of hoops to pick from.

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