What Is It about Hooked Earrings That’s Roping in Customers?

Earrings are already pretty popular among women of all age brackets. The entry of gemstones like diamonds and rubies has only sweetened the deal further for the buyers. Being small and light, studs are easy choices in the everyday wears sections. Though previously only stopper pattern studs were available at the stores, in recent times, jewelers have brought out a couple of new options. It seems that the designers are now investing more brains in fashioning fasteners that make studs a more comfortable wear than they already are. Along came hooked studs and they were an instant hit in the market.
If you ask what exactly caused these earrings to gain the instant fame that they did, then here are some ideas.

More about Fishhooks
That discussion is incomplete without a prologue about what fish hooks actually are. These are thin wires made of metal that stem from the back of the studs. The metal wires are inserted through the piercing of the lobe and left to hang there. The hooks are open-ended, meaning there is no fastener at the back that requires additional latching. Though fish hook styled clasps were previously a thing for dangler earrings, now they have been integrated in stud-styled earpieces also.

From the description above, it can be agreed upon that a pair of hooked studs is much easy to put on than any other type of earring. All they need is to be slid into the piercing and it’s done. Unlike push and screw style backs, there is no additional need to screw it up for the extra safety. That is the key reason why fish hook designs have been brought together with studs. It makes wearing a new stud everyday easy. It takes only a second to put them on and take them off.

Comfort is another factor that these studs owe their popularity to. The hook style behind makes the studs twice as light and very comfortable to wear. There is no need to check your ears or even adjust the stopper from time to time to make sure it stays. There is no way the studs can escape the hold of the hooks without your notice.

Lastly, the hooks are very safe to wear. They do not easily interfere with hair or fabric causing accidental tugs which is normal with other styles. They can even be worn to bed without feeling a pinch behind the ears.

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