Heart Pendants After Your Heart

Heart is the symbol of love, true, yet every woman’s heart beats for a diamond. When the diamond is in the form of a simple pendant the joy knows no bounds at all. A pendant encrusted with tiny diamonds or simply sporting a solitary one in the right setting looks gorgeous. There can be no second choice for you when you take the first look at it. While a heart shaped diamond pendant happens to be an ideal gift, you can also buy one for the person you love most i.e. you.
Do take a careful look at the cut in order to ascertain that it is totally symmetrical. Remember that a lopsided heart is not acceptable although it may have curiosity value. The base metal may be gold either rose gold or white gold but it is the stunning starkness of platinum or silver that is most suited to a heart shaped pendant that dangles from a matching chain.  You are free to opt for a fat or an overtly thin shaped heart though depending on your style and fancy. However, the best silhouette for a heart shaped pendant happens to be narrow cut ranging from 1.05 to 1.15. The color is another matter though and you can safely choose from a glittering colorless heart diamond (s) to warmer colors that depict your romantic nature.

The classic example of a heart pendant is one that contains multiple tiny diamonds shaped in the form of a heart in a pave setting. It does not have to sport individual heart shaped diamonds either giving you the freedom to go for a less pricey pendant. The overall shape is a heart though and you can enjoy a win-win situation here.
A heart charm together with a round diamond dangling from a single platinum chain is one of the best instances of a romantic pendant. You can surely remove one or the other part of the pendant according to the situation though. Now that is certainly a heart pendant after your heart, right?
A solitary heart cut diamond on a simple chain is the one that remains the most popular to date. You can wear it on a daily basis as it will match perfectly with all your outfits whatever be the occasion. The price may be a bit steep when it is a perfectly flawless heart shaped diamond you are aspiring for. Do not try to go in for the less though as it is going to last you for a lifetime.

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