Why are Heart Engagement Rings an Ideal choice to Express Your Love


For centuries engagement rings be it in any cut or shape have always acted as a messenger of your love and commitments to your partner. The heart engagement rings however, have a mysterious charm that conveys a lot merely by their very shape. The heart shape has always been a symbol of love, of undying love and of a love strong enough to bear all hardships. And because it has ‘always’ been thus seen, the shape itself is enough to express your definition of love to your partner. If you are thinking of opting for the most unique way to express your love, entrust your trust on a heart shape engagement ring. There can be no better way to get your hearts engaged than through a heart shaped engagement ring.

Heart shaped loose diamonds are essentially a pear shaped diamond, but with a cleft. It requires the work of an expert to bring out the precise beauty and shine of the cut. It has around 59 facets, but have varying number of pavilion. Pear shaped loose diamonds of 1.00 ratio is eye catchy as it prominently brings out the heart shape. For this reason, a heart shaped diamond of less than .50 carat is not a good choice as the shape is not clear in a smaller carat. It is a shape that perfectly balances fire and brilliance along with a distinct cut.

If you are buying heart shaped loose diamonds, you need to know that they are available in different profile ranging from narrow to fat. The choice should be entirely yours in this respect. Hearts may also have a bow-tie effect, a dark area present, across the center width. It is therefore better to avoid an excessively shallow or deep stone. You should look for stones with balanced and symmetrical proportions. The cleft should be well defined and the pointed end should be sharp.

The perfect engagement ring is one that captures your heart, reflects her personality and expresses your growing love. A beautiful heart shape solitaire makes for a dramatic engagement ring that will instantly convey your message of love to her. Heart engagement rings evoke the feeling of intense love at the very first sight. She is sure to be immensely pleased at your choice of engagement ring.

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