Heart Cut Diamonds: A Reflection of Your Emotions

A heart cut diamond is said to be the most romantic of all shapes. Because it is chiseled into a shape that universally represents human heart and love in a figurative fashion, it makes a perfect suit for engagement jewelry. Speaking of this cut, it originally is a pear cut, only with a cleft made on top. A brilliant cut, this one has the fire that brightens up any stone. Same as round cuts, heart cut diamonds are usually set with their face up. Its placement in jewelry is loved. People present heart cut diamond ornaments to their objects of affection for the symbolic weight they carry.

Interestingly, heart cut is possible even on stones as small as 25 cents. Though quite intricate, the cut is often done on small stones weighing .25, .5, and .75 ct. The largest stone that has been cut into a heart shape is 10 carat. Such large stones are obviously used in pendants and bracelets, jewelry other than rings.

Buying Guide
There are some defined parameters that assure the best buy for those looking in the heart cut diamonds section. The First thing to look for in this cut is the symmetry proportions, without which the cut loses all its aesthetics. The next thing to look at are the sharp vertexes and lobes. They have to bear symmetry of a certain standard for best results. For a heart-cut diamond, it is best to pick a stone of color H and clarity SI. You can obviously go higher in the clarity standard, for translucence works up the brilliance of this cut. As for parameters to gauze the cut by, make sure it has depth ranging between 56 and 65%. The table should be anywhere inside 65% starting from 55% and polish should be excellent. The length and width of the stone should range from 1.00 to 1.10 and not more. Buy only GIA certified stones, or those approved by AGS.

Red Flags
As a buyer, you might want to avoid certain things in a heart-cut stone. First things first, symmetry is paramount. Just don’t pick up anything with an asymmetrical outline. The girdle should be neither too thin, nor too thick. The stone should not demonstrate a blue fluorescence. If it does, then it’s not a very good quality.

Heart-cut diamonds are available at all jewelry stores. Pick them online or visit the stores to purchase a stone or a piece of jewelry.

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