Have You Heard About Stackable Engagement Rings Yet?

Stackable rings was a little fashion roll-out that first reached us a couple of years back. Brushing on an already existing concept, fashion experts set afloat a new way of wearing rings. Pairing them in twos and threes became the new style of wearing bands and even solitaires. The inventors named it stackable and soon it went viral among ladies with a fetish for rings and it wasn’t long before, those with no known penchant for rings came to adopt it in their personal styles. After 2 years, this arrangement has fructified into single piece engagement rings. Yes, you read it right, stackable engagement rings have finally arrived in the stores.

Stackable engagement rings


A Closer Look

Breathtakingly brilliant, these rings are every girl’s dream. Set with a single center stone, the gemstone seemingly acts as the glue that keeps the stack of bands together. A closer look reveals that link between the bands are more metallic than anything else. The bands are attached to one another at the back through molten metal and frozen and shaped to look like a part of the ring. However, the gem piece at the front is where most of the ornamentation lay. Stackable engagement rings are heavy on details. The stones set at the center are mostly sizeable ones with substantial halo works around. Though mostly diamonds are used over other gemstones considering its romantic purpose, you can choose to mount it with any gemstone for a little difference. The center stone is however not the only highlight of the ring. The bands are equally ornate, curved with mind-blowing details all around.




If you are already impressed by this new type of engagement ring, then here are some things to know before you go ahead with the purchase. First things first, stackable engagement rings can be made as broad or thin as you like. But, ideally, a set of three looks pretty good and sounds around reasonable. Three in terms of stacking also makes sense. As for the gems in use, you can either use a single diamond, or mix gemstones. Don’t be afraid to play a little with the gems because colors only enhance the final appearance of the ring. So, instead of buying pre-stacked rings, a customized one fits the bill better. But, if you are in a hurry, a pre-stacked engagement ring is not so bad after all.

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