Some Handy Tips for Gentlemen Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Shopping an article of ladies fashion is a painstaking experience for most men. While they normally go lengths to avoid making a comment or extend a suggestion in matters as this, fearing that it would come across as indelicate, there are some instances you can’t possibly avoid. When you are about to propose to the love of your life, you need to go out and get that perfect engagement ring that would fetch an easy yes. Asking direct questions about what she would like or even dropping hints may ruin the entire surprise. So, this, you need to do all by yourself.


While shopping for an engagement ring is something you have to do alone, here are some tips that can guide you to the right place.

A Short Personal Note
Even though it’s not possible for you to make a completely original ring out of your imagination, a little touch of personalization never goes unnoticed. The inside of the band is your place. Ask your jeweler to inscribe your nicknames, or a little note, a promise or just a symbol that best defines your bond. That little etching inside will remind you of how special your relationship is for the rest of your lives.

A Ring That Compliments Her Personality
The idea of an ideal ring is illusive. What makes a ring perfect is how well it goes with the personality of the wearer. How successfully you can single that ring out of rows of rings reveals how well you know her. So, this is quite a litmus test. If you know her well, it would be easier for you. Nevertheless, you have to look at quite a few items before you find that one piece which mirrors her personality. If she is mild and feminine, pick something delicate. If she is a diva, then you need something between sophisticated and luxuriant. If her tastes are bold and out of the box, then pick something that is rare, and definitely gorgeous.

The 5Cs of Diamonds
An engagement ring is incomplete without a diamond. This is a popular opinion in times when a diamond is a global obsession among men and women. So, if you have done a little reading on the stone or even assisted a woman in shopping diamond jewelry, you would already be informed about the 4Cs. Beside the 4 Cs of a diamond that evidently call for close inspection, there is a fifth one too. That is the cash that it comes for. So, when buying a ring, don’t compromise too much on the 5th C, or let the 5th compromise the rest of the Cs. Balance is paramount.

Make sure that you are focused well when you go out shopping for the ring. It would be great if you can take along a picture of her. The salesperson may be able to help you find the right ring judging by her picture. Long shot, but anything, as long as it works.

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