Some Handy Money Saving Tips for Diamond Lovers

Buying a diamond doesn’t always have to be accompanied by a sense of guilt. You can actually buy a good sized diamond and yet spend far less than you would believe if you know a few things about diamonds.

If you have noticed, only highest grade diamonds get chosen ones for advertisements, celebrity endorsements and shelf displays. This in fact is a manipulative move of diamond merchants who benefit from creating a clamor for fine diamonds. Since they occur lesser in the nature than other inferior grade diamonds, they are priced steeply, advertised flashily and pushed to buyers over other varieties.

Though these diamonds indeed are the best the market has, you don’t have to empty your pockets on them if you are not particularly finicky about quality. At the price of 1 carat D Flawless diamond, you can buy 2 or even 3 carats of diamond if you are not hesitant to explore the lower end of the range.

Carat Doesn’t Necessarily Determine Size
This may be a concept new to you, but you are not alone. Many buyers are not aware of the recently uncovered disconnect between carat and size. Previously, it was told that the carat or weight of a diamond determines its size, but that is far from the truth in the present landscape. Lapidaries have invented tons of new cuts that make best use of dimensions to cut out large sized diamonds using very little mineral. Oval or emerald cuts stand to prove this fact.

Low Clarity Stones Can Be Equally Beautiful
Try not to take the clarity part too seriously. If you can avoid the festering ado over flawless stones, you can own a lot more of these sparklers at half the expense. Inclusions and flaws in diamonds are barely visible to untrained eyes. The chance of someone finding out the grade of your diamonds at a party is at odd with probability. So, you can wear them proudly in broad daylight as well as the revealing lights of night without worrying about prying eyes.

A Little Color Can Knock Off a Digit or Two
The furor surrounding colorless diamonds has in a way blinded the buyers towards the beauty of the colored stones. If you are willing to roll over a little to save a lot, then choose from the lower end of the scale. Diamonds at the bottom of the scale have a yellow, brown or gray hue, that look strikingly beautiful, if you can appreciate it.

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