Why Handcrafted Jewelry are Still a Novelty

Despite the spurt in technology and techniques in the jewelry industry, the handcrafted items still hold sway over their machine-made counterparts, and for the right reasons. Solely handcrafted, these jewelry pieces are popular by the virtue of one thing and one thing alone, the flawless craftsmanship of the jeweler. Handcrafted jewels have the details and precision of vintage ornaments. Despite being manually designed and forged, they have the precise symmetry of machine-made jewelry. For what it’s worth, handcrafted jewelry are pricier than machine-crafted counterparts.


How They Are Made
Handmade or handcrafted jewelry as they are called, are jewels that are made or assembled by hands. Use of machineries in it is nil or next to nil. Now the government of most countries understand the difference between the finished products made out of hand and machines, which is why they have a set standard to pass. Not any jeweler can claim his or her piece to be handmade unless it is stamped at the laboratory, and in order to stamp it as “handmade”, the item has to be forged entirely by hand power. The process has to be bereft of use of any machines. Of course instruments abound are used in the carving and crafting, but they are all manually operative tools. Lathes, drills and such handheld devices are mostly employed in the manufacture of these jewelry pieces.


Merits of Handcrafted Ornaments
Handcrafted ornaments are highlighted over others for more than just one reason. Part of this has already been covered in the introduction. However, to round it off, handmade jewelry reflect the ingenuity of a talented designer. While machine-made processes preclude some out-of-the-box input of a designer, hand guided techniques make it possible for a designer to translate their visions into realities. Every line, every stroke and every setting is etched by the designer.

In short, handcrafted jewelry have the finesse that ornaments made in machines are short of. They are mostly fashioned with original designs and have the intricacies that can also be matched up with that of heritage jewelry, which are the prime specimens of handmade jewelry. Aesthetically speaking, these pieces are significantly superior. As for durability, they surpass machine-made ornaments by a pretty good measure. If you enquire with a salesperson about the longevity of a hand and machine-made chain, they will vouch for the former. So, if you do not mind a little pocket pinch, handmade jewelry is what the heart wants.

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