A Guide to Gemstone Cuts and Their Ideal Placement

There are cuts that cannot possibly go wrong with a gemstone, and then there are some that are fashioned for selective stones only. Whether you have the job of a designer or you are simply looking to customize a ring for your beloved, knowing the cuts, their properties and suitability are essential. Listed here are 8 popular cuts that gemstones are shaped in. Tagged with the description are their properties and best placement options.

Round: This classical cut is a favorite of all who has ever owned a round-cut gem. It stands on the top of the list and rules the market by its virtue of brilliance which is, for the record, the highest among all cuts so far. Round-cut stones are the best fit in solitaire rings, especially those featuring a vintage or timeless design.

Oval: If you want maximum carat weight, then choose an oval-cut stone instead of going broke on a chunky stone. The oval is a beautiful cut, loved for its romantic features. The distinctive curves enunciate the feminine aspect of it. Oval shapes are often seen in emeralds and sapphires. They look great in halo designs when encircled with diamond halos.

Princess: A princess cut is a rather simple shape for the extraordinary brilliance it produces. Extra facets add greater depth to the stones while clean lines keep the features sharp and visible. A princess cut gem makes a strong suit for solitaires.

Rectangle: The rectangle cut is another classic, often sighted in heirloom and estate jewelry. It is slightly elongated as compared to the princess cut, but with high scintillation. The emerald-cut stones are used mostly in classic designed solitaires.

Cushion: Cushion or pillow-cut stones have really large facets and because of the extra surface area produced by those facets, the stones emit a deep sparkle that is not seen in other stones. Cushion cut is perfect for large colored gems that are usually on the lighter side of the scale.

Pear: Loved for its dramatic shape and symmetry, this one is best used in elegant designs. It symbolizes a tear drop or droplet.

Heart: The universal symbol of love, heart-cut stones are a mainstay in engagement solitaires.

Marquise: The Marquise-cut, which is a curving oblong makes fingers look longer and slimmer than in real. The cut has a soft luminosity and has a sophisticated feel about it which makes it a great fit for solitaire rings with elaborate bands.

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