A Short Guide to Emeralds

Emeralds, the sparkling green gems that have recently made a comeback in fashion are mined around the world. A very valuable variant of beryl, emeralds are naturally green, and least transparent. The gemstone ordained to the May-born people are everywhere these days. Emeralds have made some stunning appearances in signature jewelry in the past and have now worked their way into the engagement rings section. Emerald jewelry are now a sensation in the market, and ladies have never been more enthused about them. Since, now is a good time to rake up some technical information about the emeralds, here is some to help you pick out your piece.

Emerald deposits are spread out all over the globe. Some countries are abundantly endowed with emerald mines while others are sparsely distributed, and that casts an impact on factors like stone quality, color and price.

Top Sources of Emeralds

Columbia is the list topper in emerald mining. The most important source of these green gems, Columbia also has the most famous reserve of emerald in the world, the Muzo Mine in Bogota. The mine has given the world some of the finest quality and the deepest colored emeralds. Aside from being the richest deposit of emeralds, Columbia is also the world’s top provider of emeralds. Columbian rough emeralds vary in color, but are mostly intense green. The pure and warm green tone is the signature mark of Columbian emeralds. The shades of green in Columbian emeralds vary from lush green to a kind of bluish green.

Another natural reserve of emeralds in South America is Brazil. Brazilian emeralds are world-famous. They are recognized for their lighter color and yellowish haze. Emerald deposits in Brazil are located in Goias, Minas Gerais and Bahia. Although these three are the chief suppliers of emeralds in the country, newer deposits have been detected since 1980. The principle quality of Brazilian emeralds is their rich and vibrant shade which is a lot lighter than their Columbian counterparts. The best quality emeralds from Brazil demonstrate a natural glow and a transparency which is rare in emeralds in general. It is also Brazil that produces the rarest variety of emeralds, the six-spoke star and the cat’s eye.

Emerald deposits are abundant in the continent of Africa; Zimbabwe and Zamia the top suppliers. African emeralds are vividly colored, intensely green and have warm golden undertones. Some have tones closer to bluish green.

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