A Guide to Buying Wedding Bands


At Valentin Magro, we believe that your wedding band ought to be the centerpiece of your special day. A truly unique and personal symbol of commitment and love, a wedding band represents the passage of togetherness. No wonder, most of us find the task of choosing a wedding band a bit intimidating.

If you thought, finding the perfect wedding band is a painstakingly detailed process, think again! The following tips will come handy in every step of the way as you pick the ideal wedding band you will cherish for the years to come.

1. Make Your Choices Early in the Process

Narrowing down your choices – the metal, specific gemstone, whether you want to complement the engagement ring, something extravagant, minimalist, or unique – will help you zero in on the particular choices even before you start shopping.  Consider Purchasing the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together. If you like to think long term and want your engagement ring and wedding band to match each other, buying them together is a better and smarter idea.

2. Decide the Budget

Setting up a budget for the wedding band is helpful. The price tag depends on diverse aspects – the retailer, the metal employed – a 14-karat gold band is much less costly than even a basic platinum band, along with additional embellishments – from quintessential diamonds, other precious gemstones to hand or machine engraving. Factoring in these universal areas of pricier personalization helps in keeping the escalating prices in check.

3. Explore Your Choices

While you love to entertain the idea of a diamond eternity band, your choice may veer to something even better as you explore and try on different bands at the store. Hence, don’t deny yourself the opportunities to discover newer and prettier options by merely sticking to a single idea. Also, proper sizing of your wedding band for a perfect fit is vital as you will wear it through the years. Also, try to choose a wedding band style that suits your lifestyle. A ring that can be kept beautiful without much hassle and is not extremely high-maintenance is a good choice.

4. Verify and Focus on Quality

Your wedding band must have two essential marks inside the ring: the manufacturer’s trademark as well as the quality mark. Don’t forget the GIA authenticity certification if the ring includes diamonds or other precious gemstones.

With these tips finding exquisite and timeless wedding bands is not a tough task anymore.

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