A Guide to Buying Couple’s Bands

Couple’s rings or couple’s bands are worn by two romantically involved partners to show that they are a couple. The rings can be worn by people who are involved in a serious relationship, or engaged to be married, or are married. They, not unlike engagement and wedding rings, symbolize love, bonding and commitment. If you are thinking of a pair of couple’s bands to make your relationship official, then here is a letting shopping help for those looking for matching bands. Before you head out to find the perfect pair of rings for you and your partner, please bear in mind that these rings are for life, and therefore, a little heads up would be to pick something simple, but classic.


Some points to be mindful about are:

The Metal of the Rings
Whichever metal you choose, it should be the same for both. So, unless of course you have very opposing complexions, you can pick anything that seems to go with your tones. As for those with different complexions, your options are platinum, white gold, sterling silver and such metals that flatter any tone with equal effect. Going with the trend, as of 2017, the popular metal choices for couple’s bands are platinum and rose gold. However, if you cannot afford platinum or palladium, have it your way with white gold which is much more affordable, but equally beautiful.


The Design of the Rings
When it comes to designs, confusion creeps in. Without a shadow of doubt designs of men’s and women’s jewelry are essentially different. So, finding a match that does not trespass the individual territory of either can be a smidge tricky. Fortunately, the display racks for couples’ rings are in a state of flourish, like never before. There is plenty to pick from that complement the style and personality of both.


Choice of Gems
When including gems in the designs, please be sure to stand on the same page about it. For men, most colored gems is not an option. That in itself does away with the better part of the choices. So, achromatic diamonds, black quartz, blue and yellow sapphire, etc. are the types to pick from. Try finding a pair that features one stone each to be on an agreeable ground.


Couples often like their rings to bear a little personal touch. Engravings is the best way to stamp your ring with a little message, be it as short as your initials or nicknames.

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