Gradient Metal Effects in Wedding Rings

You might have, by now, grown some familiarity with the concept of two-toned rings. Just for the sake of understanding of all, it is a style now predominant in rings in which two different metals of contrasting colors are used to curve the band. Yellow gold with white gold, white with rose gold, platinum with colored gold, etc., are the most common examples. The style that was once only a concept came to be a big hit among customers. They loved the idea of mixing metals. And some years later, we have an entire range of rings that feature mixing and matching of precious heavy metals.
If you are about to venture on your first ever piece of mixed metal ring, here are some tips to go over to make a better purchase.

In Metals, Opposites Attract
That’s because, the sharper the contrast is, the better effect it produces. So, the endgame of mixing metals in rings is color contrast. Warm colors work best with cool ones. So, metals with noticeably different color temperatures are best to work with in this case. As mentioned before, you can pair platinum with yellow gold or rose gold, but not white gold with platinum. The difference in colors would not show. As for platinum and gold rings, its best to play within the boundaries of similar metals. For instance, a ring that uses gold of different colors makes a better pick than the ones that use platinum with gold. That’s because gold, in its pure form is very soft. Even after punching with alloys, it still appears softer than platinum. The mixing of two can cause the harder metal to leave small dings on the gold side of the ring. So, unless of course the gold used in the band is 18K or less, it’s best to avoid it.

Beauty of Mixed Metals
The beauty of two-toned rings is in the color contrast. The clash of colors is a subtle call for attention. It looks delicate and a lot more expensive than single-toned rings. Some rings use an equal metal distribution, while others only use the second metal to make detailing on the first. Both looks pretty in their own ways. Your decision to pick one depends on what appeals to your sense of style more.

Regardless of what you pick, gradient metal rings are unique, and a class apart from all other jewelry.

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