Golf Jewelry for Men Who Don’t Mind a Little Bling for the Love of Game


A celebrity jewelry blogger recently figured during an incisive reading of her web traffic mass that about 40% of her readers is male. Now that may seem like an insanely high number to most of men, but turns out that men do take greater interest in jewelry than they let out. Irrespective of the purpose, the male population is not new to surfing jewelry blogs. So, it makes sense to publish something for the men this time, lest someone is keeping a close watch. The market recently released some interesting golf jewelry for men, and here are some for you.

Golf Club Pendants – This will grab more attention than a very masculine wrist chain, as far as golfers are concerned. It is tiny, cute and definitely an interesting piece of pendant to hang to your neck chain. Some golf clubs bunched into a sleek golf bag hanging from the neck is hard to miss. The twin loop behind the bag makes passage for the chain to go through easily.

Golf Ball Cufflinks – Cufflinks are an obsession among men who think formal is the best way to go. What better way to assert your love for the sport than this classy pair of golf ball cufflinks, made of white gold or platinum, the details made possible in this miniscule piece is flattering. Though neither beech wood, nor gutta-percha is a constituent of these cufflinks, the perfect round dimples throughout look surprisingly similar to real golf balls. The shine of silver is managed by the dimpled surface that keeps the bling from announcing itself overly.

Golf Bag Charm – This is another classy entry in the list, but only that it’s an estate jewelry. This one comes for a lofty price, but rightfully so. This golf bag is an ornamental replication of a real bag down to the last detail. Curved in 14 karat yellow gold, the wall of the bag has a cracked texture peppered with red and blue gemstones. A line of pearl outlines the steady handle of the bag. This beautiful heritage golf charm is the perfect pair to flimsy and sturdy wrist chains.

Tea-Off Pendant – Another handcrafted presentation from some anonymous gifted smith, this one is a gold golf ball teed on a gold stump and set in a golden frame. This two-toned piece is heart-winning, to say the least.

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