Some on-the-Go Advice for Diamond Buyers

Buyers often find themselves fretting more than usual when making hefty investment on fashion articles like jewelry. Though gold and diamonds are assets than use and discard fashion accessories, investments should always be predicated on careful considerations. Whether it’s your first time or fifth, it’s never too early or late to heed some advice on diamond shopping. There are some tips that can direct you towards worthwhile investments while others will save you from pitfalls.

Size Matters, Not Mass
The size of a diamond is irrespective of its weight. Many don’t know this but there are cuts that can make use of dimensions which make a stone appear larger than it actually is. Lapidaries make use of flat stones to curve out a wide table. That makes the stone look larger when the sides are hidden inside the setting of the ornament.

Cuts are Money-Savers
The cut of a stone has a substantial role in giving it the size it holds. So, how you can save on the investment is by choosing a size that works on thin, flat stones. Oval and emerald cuts are two ideal examples. The efficacy of these cuts in making thin stones appear substantially large is uncontested. So, choose your cuts wisely. It can scale down the price of the stone by a few digits.

Color and Clarity Makes Unobvious Differences
Though the quality of a D grade stone varies largely from those at the bottom of the scale, that’s more of a problem for the merchants, not the common buyers. In all likelihood, the flaws in your stone will go unseen even under flashing lights, if not scrutinized. So, you can make peace with investing in stones of lesser quality without worrying about the aesthetics. Diamonds to untrained eyes are all equally sparkling. The stones, even in their most inferior grades, shine bright like no other gems. So, if you choose to adjust a little with the color and clarity, you can make a profitable purchase.

Certification a Priority
Whichever grade you choose to pick your diamond from, make sure that it comes with a certificate. A diamond without a certificate is as good as a valueless article. Make sure your seller provides you a GIA or at least an AGSL certificate.

Resist the Salesman’s Push
Lastly, don’t let the salesperson talk you into buying something that you didn’t think of buying in the first place. Beware that a pushy salesman can pursue you to overstep your budgetary limitations.

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